Monday, August 17, 2009


As I head back to school for another year--my sixth--I'm in search of inspiration. Anything that inspires me to try something new is my focus.

Lately, money has been tight so I've started to do more cooking at home and I'm quickly tiring of the same old ordinary recipes I'm comfortable with. Obviously there's nothing wrong with barbequed chicken or pork, but I'm looking for variety these days!

So, in the spirit of the movie Julie and Julia I've decided to cook my way through some (probably not all) of the dishes I find on various blogs, including those of some friends and family, as well as branch out and try some new dishes I discover elsewhere. Who knows? Maybe I'll start inventing dishes of my own.

If you have any suggestions for dishes that I just must try, please let me know.


  1. I love that you are blogging. Here is a link to a crock pot blog I enjoy... this lady made somehing in a crock pot for a year and blogged about it. She is putting out a cookbook, and was featured on Rachel Ray. I haven't tried many recipes myself, but it is a good resource and who doesn't love the crock pot?

  2. Gee why don't I try actually giving you the link this time

  3. welcome to blogging. its totally fun!!!! plus it has made my life more fun as i search for bloggable activities.

    i love the crock pot lady!!!!! i also adore my crockpot. i have a tight relationshp with it -- its the best way to come home to a good meal after a long day.

  4. Oh yeah, I also found this food blog recently when perusing the web

  5. I knew we were related.

    I am excited to finish up the vacation posts because I have SO many recipes I want to post. I'm trying some new ones today. If they're yummy, I'll post them to facebook. I'm so glad you are a bloggy fool now. You were ALWAYS destined to be a blogger, you know that, right?!