Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Today was Ben's first experience with feeding Tate cereal and fruit...apparently this morning's feeding did not go nearly so well as this evening. Let me just say--I've never seen Tate this excited about food. Now if anywhere near as much as was on his face made it to his stomach that would make it even better. I think nearly every part of his face got a little bit of cereal and pears. I guess that's why we bathe at night!

We're 5 days in to this cereal thing and so far so good. Definitely more fond of fruit than veggies, but we eat the veggies, too! (We've only tried green beans so far--thought I'd start with something more basic and work up to sweet potatoes and squash) I'm determined to get Tate to eat and like fruits and veggies like me. Hopefully he won't be as particular as Ben when it comes to fruits and veggies!


  1. He's gonna love carrots. My kids all loved them. Warning: If you feed too many carrots to a baby, their skin turns orange. From the inside, out! Now, if you like dying your baby, then this is a fun experiment. LOL. Nevan was quite the orange baby. ;)

  2. Scott gets really excited about eating too. We haven't started veggies yet but he loves the fruit and cereal. Tate looks like Scott does when he eats....all over his face instead of his mouth. Aren't they cute that way?