Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wrap up of September

So much has happened! The first quarter of school is nearly over (it's going SO fast!). Yearbook ad sales are over--with a new best sales season--$12,020 in ad sales! I'm so proud of my ladies!

My lovely mother celebrated a birthday milestone this month--by babysitting for me at a volleyball game... She's such a trooper! Here's to as many more birthdays!

Ben had a very short stay on unemployment this time (thank you lord!). He's working as the Accounts Manager for National Rent To Own in Mattoon. He's spent the last 2 weeks training in Decatur to prepare for the store in Mattoon. He has 2 days left there before moving to his store! So far, things are going well.

As for Tate, we're nearing 6 months already! I can't hardly believe my little guy is getting so big! I took a couple of pictures today while he was playing in his walker. His new favorite thing is to squeal and throw all his toys on the floor. Just the beginning of that joyous habit.

As for me, things are busy. I've been working at the home volleyball games keeping the score book, as I have every year since starting at CH 5 years ago--hard to believe I'm in year 6 already! I've been tutoring a homebound student since the beginning of the school year. Volleyball is coming to an end--with Scholastic Bowl right on its heels. I may even go back to Zales for a bit during Christmas. If I have too much free time, I'm not sure what I'll do.

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