Thursday, October 22, 2009

Endings and Beginnings

Quick updates:

Ending - First quarter at school ended last week. Parent teacher conferences tonight and tomorrow morning. Only saw 6 parents, one of whom is the teacher across the hall from me. Not sure she even counts. Hoping for a better turn out tomorrow, but if not, I'll get my work for the weekend done for the most part.

Beginning - Second quarter (duh). Yearbook is FINALLY moving on to something other than ads. My kids at school are doing quite well and the year is progressing quite nicely. At this rate, it'll be Christmas before I know it.

Ending - My maternity leave...from Zales. I mentioned to my former (and now current/future) boss that I would come back on an as needed basis to help her if she needed it. She called and I'm going to work every other Sunday starting next week. Works well for a little extra daycare or bill paying money.

Beginning - a little more money coming in each week. It's not a lot, but every little bit helps.

Ending - or ended - the first half of the first year of my little guy... I can't believe he's 6 months old already! He's really closing in on 7 months already! Time has gone so quickly! We got his 6 month pictures taken about 2 weeks ago and once again was amazed at how well they turned out. But I'm a little partial and can't help but think he's just very photogenic!

Beginning - every minute I get with him just keeps getting better! It is so much fun watching him discover things. He's really enjoying his feet right now...if he could just get them in his mouth...
Ending - my lease on my apartment (at the end of January). Not resigning. The building has been taken over by a different rental company (a real estate agency, no less) and its going downhill. I think there have been 3 different people living below me since last spring. The current one at least seems to keep normal sleeping hours, unlike the last who had pounding music until 3 in the morning practically daily.
Beginning - moving back home. It has been decided that Ben, Tate and I will be moving in with my mom. We're hoping to eventually buy the house from her, but in the meantime, money is tight (just like for everyone else), the state is talking of furlough days for their employees (mom works for a state university) and we're going to try consolidating some expenses. We'll be having a VERY LARGE garage sale in the spring. I'll try to remember to post details when it gets here. I know this is the right and best option for all of us right now, but I still can't help but feel a little like a failure because we're moving in with my mom. I'm just hoping that it ends up being a good deal for her, because I'm sure it will be a good one for us.
Ending - this post.
Beginning - a warm bath and a little sleep, hopefully. G'night


  1. Tate is such a little cutie!! Isn't crazy how fast they grow? Scott has been rocking back and forth on his hands and knees...I am in no way in a hurry for the crawling to start.

    I understand your apartment situation. When out landlords moved out of ours it went downhill. My car got broken into and the trashy neighbors above us had their tires slashed 2 or 3 times. We almost moved in with my mother-in-law until our house was ready. Don't feel like a failure, it could always be worse.

  2. I sometimes feel like Tate is behind where he should be. He isn't sitting up yet, but i somehow think we'll skip the crawling phase entirely...

  3. Tate is so adorable. Best of luck moving back to Neoga. It sounds like a good solution for all parties... at least for right now. Chin up buckaroo, I am sure it will work out for everyone's benefit.

  4. I'm not sure I remember the last time someone called me a buckaroo. Made me smile :)

  5. Hey Karen...when you get a chance check out my blog from 11/6

  6. Oh, I've sure been thinking of you lately! You need to update the blog, busy bee!